FatJax use images on Facebook

Following on from a previous photo shoot, the guys at FatJax decided to use a couple of the images on their Facebook page. One for a new profile picture and one for the Header page.

FatJax Facebook Page

Thanks again guy’s, glad you thought that the quality of the images matched the quality of the product :0)


Busy Week in the studio

What a busy week last we had last week. Attended an 80th birthday party for Ellsey’s a local vinegar manufacturer, this led to a product product shoot and a montage image for Lancashire Food blog site.

Lunch – NIKON D3100 – ISO 1250 – 1/30 sec – f/30 – 55 to 200mm lens

A product shot featuring some of the best produce from Lancashire


Montage image of shots taken at the event.

We also needed a food “porn” shot for a Pepper Cake blog.

NIKON D3100 - ISO 125 - 1/30 sec - f/5.6 - 55 to 200mm lens

Pepper Cake – NIKON D3100 – ISO 125 – 1/30 sec – f/5.6 – 55 to 200mm lens

  • Cake on a glass platter
  • Various objects from the bits n pieces box to give a bit of background interest

Product Shoot of Fat Jax Chutney

I was asked by my wife at Lancashire Food if I would take a few product shots for a food review she is undertaking for a local relish producer Fat Jax Chutney.

As I mentioned on a previous blog, I’m a fan of natural light photography, and I use my conservatory as a temporary “studio”.

Studio in conservatory

I use a temporary stage propped on a table and window ledge, plenty of room to use coloured backgrounds, camera on a tripod linked through to a lap top to view a large image of the photograph. By shooting in the conservatory you can get a good level of light even under a cloudy sky.

Photo Shoot Of Cocoa Boutique Chocolates

Last weekend Lancashire Food asked me to take a few images to add to a review she was completing for a new online “artisan” chocolate company called Cocoa Boutique

I  like to take photographs in natural light, so I have devised  a temporary “studio” in my conservatory. As I live in Northern England it’s not often we get clear cloudless skies,  so the even defused lighting is ideal for food photography. I prefer to use the camera on a tripod, use a cable release and tether the camera to a laptop to give a large view of the shot as soon as it is taken. Any adjustment needed  to the scene can be done and the image retaken.

Below is a series of 9 images that was selected for the blog.

Once the blog had been published, we received an email from The Delicious Marketing Group thanking us for the review and if it would be possible to use a couple of the images on their  Facebook page. They particularly liked this image.

A wild day in Leyland

As it’s a wild and windy day in Lancashire today and so stuck indoors I thought I would have a go at a still life shot. A root ’round  through my draws for something to shoot, I found an old set of coloured pencils. A quick set up in the studio, quick tweek of levels on Elements and I produced this.


Food Photography

Following my wife’s interest in food and the popularity of her food blog I’ve decided to take a look at Food Photography.  I like to read around a subject before I jump in, so after a bit of digging around on the internet I came across this book

Product Details

Food Photography – From snapshot to Great Shotsby Nicole S Young

A quick look through and it seems to cover the topic in great detail. Time will tell ….